A two-part presentation designed to provide an introduction to
utilizing Molecular Modeling in your research area.
Throughout the year, Wavefunction visits current (and prospective) industrial customers. We offer half-day seminars (at your site) on the use of molecular mechanics and quantum chemical methods to extend the utility of molecular modeling technology as a desktop tool for industrial chemists. These seminars are presented (free of charge) by Dr. Warren Hehre (CEO and Scientific Co-Director, Wavefunction, Inc.) and Sean Ohlinger (Vice President, General Manager).
Notes: "Molecular Modeling with Spartan", reference: "A Guide to Molecular Mechanics and Quantum Chemical Calculations".
  1) Descriptions/Examples of desktop molecular modeling program features and functions.
  2) Applications to describing molecular structure, properties, reactivity and selectivity.
  3) Graphical models applied to the prediction/analysis of the above.
  4) Summary/Performance Assessment molecular mechanics and quantum chemical methods.