Molecular Modeling in the Undergraduate Curriculum
This is a half-day, fully-interactive course that explores the use of Molecular Modeling in the undergraduate curriculum.

Dr. Warren Hehre (President and CEO of Wavefunction, Inc.),
Dr. Jurgen Schnitker (Scientific Co-Director of Wavefunction, Inc.),
Dr. Alan Shusterman (Professor of Chemistry, Reed College),
Dr. Thomas Gardner (Professor of Chemistry, Muhlenberg College), and
Dr. Richard Johnson (Professor of Chemistry, University of New Hampshire).

Four molecular modeling tools are utilized, including:
  Spartan and Spartan Essential
  Spartan Student Edition and SpartanModel

Workshops include:
  Introduction to molecular modeling
  Illustration of the use and interpretation of graphical models
  Sample lecture and laboratory materials, and student problems
  Ample time for hands-on exploration
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